Credits & Friends

Welcome to the Backstage of My Personal Website!

This website is made by myself with love, powered by Jekyll, designed with Boostrap, hosted on Gihthub Pages and served over Cloudflare.

Disclaimer: I’m really not considering myself as a coder nor a designer but I’ve tried as much as possible to follow the web best practices.

The options I have chosen during the creation of this website have been based on the following:

Speed performances:

Feel free to clone it and modify it at your wishes. Clone or download the code here.


Special thanks to my friend Ihor Svyrydenko for the design of my personal logo.
The logo is based on my initial and the Scrum cycle.

Timeline Jekyll Theme

Timeline is multipurpose, single page Jekyll theme that includes a timeline section.
Demo site
Timeline Jekyll Theme is a mashup of two other themes:
Grayscale by Start Bootstrap
Agency Jekyll Theme

Jekyll Codex

A website for front-end developers who want to learn Jekyll. Jekyll Codex

Brisk Forms

Submit a form to an URL, and get the contents to your email. No account, no database, no scripting, and no cost.
Brisk Form

An image cache & resize proxy. Their servers resize the image, cache it worldwide, and display it.

Licenses & Copyrights

My code

Code released under the Apache 2.0.
Portions copyrighted: Copyright 2018 Sylvain Deschenes.

Timeline Jekyll Theme

Code released under the Apache 2.0.
Portions copyrighted by:
Copyright 2013-2015 Iron Summit Media Strategies, LLC.
Copyright 2014 Rick Kim (y7kim).
Copyright 2015 Kirby Turner.

Jekyll Codex

Feel free to use all code presented on Jekyll Codex website. The code of the website itsself may also be used, as this website is a demo of the code it presents. However, respect the copyright of the used trademarks and the licenses of the open-source software used, as their rights belong to their respective owners.

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